A New Direction

After allowing this blog to lie fallow since just before Easter due to several convergent circumstances, I have decided that time enough has passed since the last time I wrote a reflection on the Word of God.  This blog post is not a reflection, but more of a “what’s coming” post.

First, some behind the scenes information on the author:  I work full time as a Network Engineer for one of the largest employers of professional services in the United States.  Because of this, I do a fair amount of travel.  The past couple of months have been especially travel-full, and one stint was to an area where internet connectivity is very much a commodity.  So, shortly after Easter my attention was turned toward preparing for various work trips.  This has taken its toll on my “free” writing time, and after a couple of weeks of not getting a chance to write a reflection, I made the decision not to stress myself out about it and just take a break.  I have written a piece in the interim for Rookie Anglican on icons in Christian worship, which I encourage everyone of every stripe and opinion on imagery to read.

Over the coming weeks and months, it is my intention and desire to write a series of posts on the Beatitudes, the nine statements by Jesus in the opening of the Sermon on the Mount which illustrate what it is to live a blessed life in anticipation of the Kingdom of Heaven.  This blog will therefore become untethered from the Lectionary for Sundays in the ACNA – at least during this season.  This is ultimately for self-serving reasons – it allows me to not feel pressure to get a homily-length piece up every week.  Instead, my intent is to have slightly longer reflections on each of the Beatitudes up every two to three weeks.

It is my hope that this change both allows me to post more regularly, and that by focusing on this core teaching of Jesus Christ, my readers are helped and encouraged in their striving to live the Blessed Life.

As always,

Grace and Peace in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.